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Animated video maker

A high quality and affordable animated video

Animation video

Communicating complex messages isn’t always easy. An animated video maker can provide the solution. Within just a few seconds, it’s possible to convey your message in a clear, fun, and powerful way to everyone within your target audience. Think of an animated corporate video, promotional video, product video, commercial, instructional video, or case video.

Not only can messages be communicated in an enjoyable and clear manner, but it can also enhance a video with real footage. Consider animations for logos, nameplates for speakers on screen, title screen animations, transition effects between shots or scenes, subtitles, and end screen animations with a call to action.

Animated video maker Animatiebrouwerij

Do you also want to have an animated video made? Then there are almost no limitations. Our animationvideo packages range from a basic logo animation to a complete video style. And from a 2D animation video to a photorealistic 3D animation video including a script, style, storyboard, voice over, sound design and social media exports in multiple formats.

As an animated video agency we like to help from concept until publication. Whatever your goal may be, we can develop a suitable concept and animation video for you. For every phase of the video production process, we have multiple young talents available. Think, for example, of scriptwriters, illustrators, animators, voice-overs, and translators. This way, we can deliver the desired animated film in co-creation with you as a client at an affordable price. Moreover, the project at Animatiebrouwerij will always be led by a single point of contact. In most cases, that’s Ben Balvers, the owner of Animatiebrouwerij (Animation brewery).

Animated video costs

Do you want to have an animated video made by Animatiebrouwerij? We’d love to hear from you! Request a non-binding quote via the quote button here on the right or download our latest price list. You’ll also receive quantity discounts when requesting four or more animationvideos.

Animated film portfolio

Curious about our animated films? Below are some examples.

Animated video animated film animationvideo animatedvideo afb 01


> Service: Animated video maker
> Quality: 4K / Ultra HD
> First version: 3 to 5 workingdays
> Final version: 1 to 3 weeks
> Review rounds: 3 via our online platform
> Extra options: voice over, sound design,
translating, subtitles, social media exports,
trailer/ teaser, thumbnail, infographic and more!
> Delivered: 1.000+ animation videos

Price list

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