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Animated video

Average marketprice: €2.999,-

An animated video from Animatiebrouwerij: €1.499,-

Animation video

Complex messages are not always as easy to communicate. An animated video can offer the solution. You can deliver a simple, clear and powerful message / story to your audience within just a few seconds. We can use a professional voice-actor to ’tell’ the story, animated illustrations to ‘show’ the story and sound-effects to let the audience ‘feel’ the message / story that you want to deliver. 

Not only messages and stories can be delivered better to your audience, you can also make filmed videos more beautiful and suitable for your brand. Think about every name tag that you see on television when someone is being interviewed. Or the glitch effects when a space ship is crashing in a sci-fi movie. These are all animated effects that we can help you and your organisation with. 

Animated video maker

At Animatiebrouwerij we see a growing demand in animated videos. We’ve made animated videos clients like Nespresso, DrawNames, Mercer, Fruitful Office and Huawei. No project is the same, that’s why we work with many talented and experienced illustrators and animators. For every project we’ll make a unique project description and select the best people.

Animated video costs

The project proces depends upon your wishes, budget and target. Please download our price list or request a quote if you are interested in our services. You can do that with our price list or quotation button on the right side of the page. Or you can fill in the contact form if you have any other questions.

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  • Product: Animated video
  • Quality: Full HD / Ultra HD (4K)
  • delivery: 5 to 7 workingdays
  • Delivered: 154 animations

Price list

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